1440 coffee roasters

1440 coffee roasters


Welcome to 1440 Coffee Roasters

We are a small-batch, made to order coffee roasting company based on the Oregon Coast. We pride ourselves in making quality coffee that enhances the unique flavors of the origin country. 

How it Works

At 1440 Coffee Roasters we strive for freshness which means each order is roasted fresh before it is shipped out. There are times where you may see your favorite flavor as "sold out" but don't worry, it will be back in stock as soon as we can roast more fresh batches! 


We are proud to announce that we are partnering with Hero CBD and Out of Regs for the month of August in efforts to raise money for VETWOD. 

10% of all sales sitewide will be donated to VETWOD. We will also be releasing a VETWOD limited edition roast which will be available through August. Hero CBD and Out of Regs are also working hard to raise money for this amazing organization. Check them out at: 



VETWOD aims to use fitness and community as a way to cope with life and mental health issues that affect veterans and first responders. We are proud to support their work. 

Check out the great work they do at: 



To provide an avenue for our veterans and first responders to cope with the unseen (invisible) scars from their previous and continued service, through exercise and a strong support system. Whether these scars occurred during their service while on war campaigns on foreign soil or during their daily service in our communities. We believe that fitness and community can be a powerful means to get through life together.