Horchata Cold Brew Tutorial

Here is the Horchata tutorial we promised you! You can snag the recipe below and follow our step by step tutorial in the video. 

Horchata Cold Brew⁣

⅓ cup of uncooked brown rice⁣
1 cup slivered almonds⁣
2 cinnamon sticks⁣
3 cups hot water⁣
2 TSP of vanilla extract ⁣
1 TBS of ground cinnamon (or less depending on how much cinnamon flavor you like, we love cinnamon!)⁣
2 cups of cold milk ⁣
½ cup sweetened condensed milk (or more to taste) ⁣
Cold brew coffee ⁣

Grind rice in a blender until fine. ⁣

Add the almonds, cinnamon sticks and hot water to ground rice and stir with a spoon. Let mixture cool and then cover and let it sit overnight (minimum of 3 hours). Tip: keep everything in blender jar to make it easier. ⁣

After soaking, add vanilla extract, ground cinnamon, cold milk and condensed milk to the rice/cinnamon/almond mixture. Blend until smooth. You can add more sweetened condensed milk if you want your horchata a bit sweeter. ⁣

Strain the mixture into a pitcher or jar. We like to start with a regular strainer and then strain again through cheesecloth to perfect the texture for your cold brew. ⁣

Fill a glass with ice and then  with half cold brew (concentrate) and half horchata. You can always play with the ratio by adding more coffee if you like a stronger coffee flavor or more horchata if you prefer a sweeter drink. ⁣