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To ensure the best flavors, we recommend grinding fresh when you are ready to drink your delicious cup of coffee. However, we do offer ground coffee as an option with a small convenience charge. 

Country of Origin: Rwanda

Region: Nyamasheke, Western Province

Flavor Profile: Fruity fragrance, fresh cocoa aroma, notes of cherry, watermelon, tropical fruit, clean finish, mild acetic acid, syrupy body

Roast Profile: Medium

Good For: Any Brewing Method works well

Roaster's Note: This coffee is...DELICIOUS, especially if you like a cup that pops. Quick backstory on this one. We are donating proceeds of each bag sold to the Herculus apparel Athletes as they gear up for the Crossfit Games. After the Games, Herculus will then donate to a local charity (to be determined).


In January, we did several tastings with the owners and athletes of Herculus in their camper at The Fittest Experience in Austin and this was easily the crowd favorite. We each share the passion for fitness and for great coffee and see big things with this partnership. Check then out on social media and grab some gear from them (you won't be disappointed).