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This coffee is a Pre-order that will begin shipping on the week of November 28th. Please keep that in mind when ordering. Orders will be shipped in order of date placed. 

 All of our coffee comes standard in whole bean form. To ensure the best flavors, we recommend grinding fresh when you are ready to drink your delicious cup of coffee. If you need ground coffee we can do that upon special request. Please write a comment on the check out page letting us know that you would like your coffee ground.

Country of Origin: Tanzania - Mutwari Peaberry

Flavor Profile: Apple Juice, Butterscotch, Sweet Orange Peel

Roast Profile: Medium

Good For: Full-Immersion, Auto-Drip, Cold Brew

Roasters Note: We were so excited to create this delicious brew for 1440 athlete Travon Benton. T has a big time competition coming up in January and we wanted to offer something that would pay back some of his hard work. $2 of every bag sold will help T get to Miami for Wodapalooza. 


If you've been here before then you have probably tried our Tanzania Peaberry from the past. This will remind you of that but this takes it to the next level. The flavor profile will give you fall vibes that will make you wishing for colder weather. 

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