Burundi: VETWOD Signature Roast

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Country of Origin: Burundi

Process: Natural

Flavor Profile: Ripe Strawberry, Black Cherry, Milk Chocolate, Tangerine 

Roast Profile: Medium

Roaster's Note: Certified Organic

 Burundi has been one of my favorite coffee producing regions from the very start. I've often kept coffees grown in this region for my own personal use but I am happy to finally find one that I want to share with you. The sweetness is truly amazing, yet not overpowering. This coffee is a great introduction to the fruitier African bean. 


We are excited to announce we are partnering once again with our friends at VETWOD. We first partnered with them when we first started and have been itching to get them back. Like always, we will be donating $2 of every bag sold back to there mission.

VETWOD'S MISSION- "Our purpose is to use fitness and community to cope with life issues that affect veterans, first responders, and the community-at-large".

VETWOD has made a massive impact in the veteran community and we are happy to stand by their side and do what we can to further their cause.