Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

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All of our coffee comes standard in whole bean form. To ensure the best flavors, we recommend grinding fresh when you are ready to drink your delicious cup of coffee. If you need ground coffee we can do that upon special request. Please write a comment on the check out page letting us know that you would like your coffee ground.

Country of Origin: Brazil, Guatemala, Sumatra 

Flavor Profile: Grapefruit, jasmine, berries, chocolate; creamy body and bright acidity

Roast Profile: Dark

Good For: Made for Espresso but great for all brewing methods

Roaster's Note: 


Ethiopian heirloom coffee bean varietals are chosen from the forest and then transplanted to small gardens, adding to the incredible complex flavor profiles available among wild coffee plants. Bright and acidic, you are sure to enjoy this great roast!

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