Why 1440? 

We went through a lot of potential names when the business first launched. Ultimately, we landed on 1440 for a few reasons. 1440 represents the number of minutes we are given each day. It seems like a lot, but we all know how fast they can go some days. It is easy to get wrapped up in life and miss the little things. It’s also easy to become so overwhelmed that we miss the good things in life. 1440 is all about noticing the positive things in life. It is about maximizing each day and making the best of it in the face of adversity. For us, coffee is a tool to slow down. Our morning coffee routine consists of grinding our beans (sometimes with a hand grinder), carefully heating our water, setting up the Aero Press and finally, savoring the first sip of our coffee. This is an intentional practice to center our minds and get ready for the day and whatever it brings us.  


What makes 1440 so delicious? 

We roast to order, meaning you get the freshest cup imaginable. Also, we roast our beans to maximize the origin countries’ flavor profile. When beans are roasted too dark, they lose all the good flavors that make coffee unique. You will be able to tell the difference in each of our coffees. 


When does 1440 roast their coffee? 

We are a roast to order company, which is exactly what it sounds like. We don't roast the coffee until we get an order. Even still, we are able to fulfill most orders in 1-2 days which enables us to give you the freshest bag of coffee possible.  


Sustainability Practices

At 1440, we are conscious of the social and environmental impacts we have. Our business practices are intentional to keep our footprint as minimal as possible. We use shipping bags made from recycled material and are constantly looking to find ways to make a bigger difference. We are in the process of using biodegradable bags and stickers. 


Where does 1440 Coffee Roasters get their beans? 

Currently, we work with one online supplier who maintains close relationships with most of their farmers. We are very careful in picking the coffees we roast. We look for taste/quality, but we also look for Organic, Fair Trade and RFA (Rain Forest Alliance) certified farms. We are also looking to partner with several Non-Profit organizations that have relationships with farmers in Nicaragua and Kenya. Our aim is to buy directly from the farmers and give proceeds of every sale back to the NGO.  


How long will it take to get my coffee? 

We try to get most orders out within 2 days of purchase. This allows 1 day to roast and 1 day for gasses to be released. However, we are a small batch, made to order company meaning it can sometimes take longer depending on the number of orders. We use USPS for all orders and have 3-day shipping on most orders.  We offer a limited inventory which means once it sells out we may be out of stock until we are ready to roast more. So get your orders in while your favorite roast is in stock! 


How should I store my coffee? 

The key is to keep your coffee away from humidity. We recommend using a dark, airtight container and storing at room temperature. We do not recommend freezing your coffee beans. Storing in a dark airtight container will keep ground coffee for about 4 weeks and whole bean coffee for more than 4 weeks.  


What are the best brewing methods? 

Go check out our blog on Brewing Methods to find all the tips you’ll ever need. Our brewing guide can be found at the top and bottom of our webpage.