Our Story

We are a micro-batch, made to order coffee roasting company consisting of Ryan (Lead Roaster), Sari (Taste Tester) and Ruger (Company Mascot). We started from the desire to have the best cup of coffee possible. Initially, we found the coffee we were using from the store all tasted the same; bland and stale. So we took our coffee experience to the next level by purchasing a home roaster and green coffee beans. Bingo! It was like tasting coffee for the first time. Our love of the magic elixir was renewed and a passion was born.


Our mission at 1440 Coffee Roaster’s to create a thriving community of coffee lovers from around the world by supplying them with fresh roasted, sustainable produced, delicious coffee. We want to ensure the health of coffee for generations to come by working with small coffee farmers to implement sustainable farming methods and providing them with fair wages.


Our vision is to provide hand-crafted coffee through online retail channels throughout the United States. We are currently a small-batch, made-to-order specialty coffee roastery but we aspire to reach many people all over the world with our unique roasts. Big picture vision has us opening our own coffee shop by June 2025. This will enable us to deepen our desire for community by providing the public with classes about coffee, a place to connect with friends, and give us a HQ for community outreach.



  • Community Builders: We want to foster a community of supportive people through the love of coffee. We want every customer to feel like part of the family. We aim to achieve this by being active and engaging in social media and spending time and money giving back to local and international non-profits.
  • Bigger than 1440: Committed to the support of small coffee farmers through shared-profit partnerships and other organizations that strive to make the world a better place. Each month we will highlight a non-profit organization and donate proceeds to that organization.
  • Exquisite Coffee: We will be on the constant search for the best coffee beans in the world with unique flavors. We will also create unique and flavorful blends that combine the best beans we can find.
  • Sustainability: We are committed to the sustainability of the coffee industry; starting at the source and following through all the way to your home. We ship in recyclable mailers, pack our coffee in compostable bags and are looking for better ways all the time.
  • Golden Rule: We vow to treat our customers, employees, suppliers, farmers and everyone involved like our family. Everyone is equal and treated with respect by staff, owners and everyone involved with 1440. We vow to own up to our mistakes when we are wrong and seek to make things right.


Finally, fitness and coffee is what brought us together in the first place and we believe that these two things can bring all sorts of people together. We want to connect the world with great coffee and a great WOD. 

Much Love,

Ryan, Sari, Baby Parker and Ruger the dog