Decaf Bali Hai Organic

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To ensure the best flavors, we recommend grinding fresh when you are ready to drink your delicious cup of coffee. However, we do offer ground coffee as an option with a small convenience charge. 

Country Of Origin: Indonesia 

Flavor Profile: Caramel, Dark Chocolate, Strawberry, Raspberry, hints of Almond and Brazil Nuts.

Roast Profile: Medium-Dark

Good For: Full-Immersion (French Press), AeroPress, Auto-Drip

* Organic

Roaster's Note: This bean will always have a special place in my heart. I never intended to do a Decaf coffee but that changed when Sari became pregnant. She was adamant that I roast her the best Decaf because there was no way she could go 9+ months without a cup of coffee. It is safe to say that she was incredibly happy with the results. I will add that I use this roast when I want a warm cup of coffee at evening. 

Wonderful taste with zero caffeine!